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Krokbragd Online Weaving Class (Video + Guide)


For a long time I've been wanting to offer multimedia learning resources and the day has finally come. If you've been here for a while you might know all learning resources I've developed and designed are mostly in a written format, but not anymore!

For this first weaving online class, and I say "first" because I hope there are many more classes to come, you'll get online, private and for life access to a super detailed video instructions PLUS a complete guide with photographs showing the beginning-to-end process of this adorable wall hanging woven with the beloved Scandinavian technique Krokbragd.

The guide is a 122 page downloadable PDF including everything you need to know about how and why the Krokbragd technique works; with more than 300 photographs, written instructions working hand-in-hand with the full pattern grid. The steps shown in this guide follow through the same steps as the video tutorial. I promise it can't get more detailed than this.

Main contents of this guide:


- About Krokbragd

-About the Author

- Bibliography


- Tools & Materials

- Data sheet

- Guidelines for grid reading

- Full pattern grid

- Sequence comprehension

- Color relevance in Krokbragd

- Yarn interlocking


- Warping & setting up based

- Plain weave & fringe

- Krokbragd Pattern weaving (5 motifs in total: flowers, dots, mushrooms, v-shapes and tulips).


- Hemstitch weave

- Textile extraction

- Hiding weft tails

- Attaching dowel rod

- Preparing for hanging

In the video tutorial you'll get first hand, from start to finish, how to weave a Krokbragd wall hanging on a frame loom. I'll show you from the materials and the warping, then passing through each motif's woven row, and finally extracting the textile and preparing it for hanging. So, as you'll see, it's not just a demonstration of the Krokbragd pattern; I want you to have a full scan of the weaving process so you can get a wonderful mini tapestry to hang and be proud of.

The video tutorial will be 1:07 hours long and on 1080p FULL HD to watch on Youtube with subtitled instructions.

What tools & materials will you need?

- A frame loom that is at least 7.8x9.8 in. or 20x25 cm.

- 4 different yarn colors. Thickness: 2 in. or 5 mm.

- Yarn needles (at least 1)

- Comb (a fork is always welcome as well)

- Scissors

- Dowel rod

Where can I buy it and how do I get access to this class?

Once the payment is confirmed you'll have to provide a Gmail adress (e.g. "") so I can grant you access to download the guide and watch the tutorial.

Be patient as this process will be manual and it could take up to 24 hours. hours.

Make sure you have a steady internet connection to watch the video online.

Accessible from all devices: smartphone, tablet and laptop :)

About Krokbragd

Krokbragd is a Scandinavian weaving technique that gives as a result thick, compact and multicolored textiles. Scandinavian women used to wove rugs, blankets and tapestries with this technique, among other homely textiles for the daily life. I always say that Krokbragd is like colorwork for knitting but make it for a loom.

It's very interesting because with the same sequence that always repeats itself, by just changing colors you can create an unlimited variety of designs. It's magical and really impressive!

Are these motifs designed to weave on a rigid heddle loom?

No, all motifs are designed as grids to weave row by row and don't include explanations of how to set the threading, treadling or any other rigid heddle loom setting content. However, you can weave these motifs as long as you take the time to adapt them but I must say this is up to you.


Designed by Daniela Milier from Nüshu Textiles - 2024

Please respect the time and energy I've put into the creation of these contents. Developing and designing them takes weeks, even months of my life.

You are more than free to sell the textiles you create with these motifs/patterns, however, these learning resources are only for personal use. Don't distribute, share or sell them on any media, nor digital or physical means.


Doubts? Suggestions? Message me and I'll happily help you.

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Thank you,

Dani from Nüshu Textiles.

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